Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red, black and blue

Yay outfit post! Today I got all cute and decided to share with you.

I love this outfit! The only thing is ...... none of it is vintage! But it looks cute and vintage-y.

Dress-Forever 21
Shoes-bought on my honeymoon in Portland, ME
Earrings- studs- Claires
flowers- Forever 21

I love this dress! It is so cute and so comfy! And it has pockets! I adore dresses with pockets! I wear it everywhere, but today I was just hanging around the house.

So, after I'd done the whole awkward photograph myself with the mirror thing, I discovered that my camera had a timer! Woot! Now I can take much better pictures of myself. :D

I tried out some new stuff with my hair today. I'm still getting used to the new length. And I haven't forgotten that I need to do a pin curl and (possibly) hot roller style with this new hair. I've been working out in the mornings (go me!) but that doesn't exactly jive too well with pin curls...

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