Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vintage Jewelry: Earrings

I love jewelry, especially anything shiny! My husband's grandma gave me some of her old jewelry and I thought I'd share with you. I'm don't really know much about dating jewelry so if you spot something you can place, let me know.

They all came in this cute jewelry box! I love the floral print inside the cover. I got two pairs of clip on beaded earrings. So cute! One pair is clear and the other is opaque.

Black danglely earrings for a professional look. Heart danglely earrings that are very juniors. Floral studs in two tone gold. Gold swirls. Nice, sophisticated amethyst studs. (Too bad it's not my birthstone!) Rhinestone earrings with a yellow center and two orange ones on each side. Also a great pair of Rhinestone earrings. Check out how the danglely part can be removed from the stud and worn with another colored stud.

There were also some odds and ends. A mouse earring! Seriously! I wish the other one was there! A wishbone. A blue danglely earring. A white flower. A red stud. A pink flower. So sad that there's only one of each of these. I have worn the pink and white flower together for a modern mismatched look.

This is perhapse my favorite pair-screwback flowers with a Rhinestone center! I've never worn them as the screwback makes me nervous. I'm afraid they'd fall off! I feel a bit crazy but I'm sure I'll wear them eventually.

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