Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I crazy?

On the high of my last sewing project and the impending Renaissance Festivel (it actually starts this weekend, but I won't be going for a couple of weeks), I have taken it upon myself to make a costume! But I've never actually made a complete garment before and I only have two weeks!

I know something like this is totally out of the question,

But I was thinking something more along these lines would be possible.

I am particularly drawn to the last one as the laces would make fit much less of an issue, but I like the others too. So my question to all of you sewing type people out there, am I crazy? And which of these do you think would be the least crazy?

Oh, and I will also probably be wearing a snood, as my hair is way to short for the period. (And it's a good excuse to get one!)

1 comment:

  1. Get sewing NOW! People tend to underestimate just how long it takes to make a garment, and the dresses you're looking at require a ton of fabric. I think your best bet would be a simple chemise with a contrasting kirtle. Good luck! :)