Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A missed opportunity

Today, I managed to walk out of the house looking cute and modern and even wearing heals! (I don't wear heals often during the week as I have to walk to school and all over campus all day.) All day, I walked around feeling chic... until I happened to think that today was a great day for a hat with nice hat weather..... and I had the perfect hat to add the right bit of vintage to my chic outfit. bummer.... The next time I went out was to the gym so no hat today. :(

But I've already decided what I'm going to wear tomorrow and it will include a hat!

On a side note, I've decided on my next sewing project-a circle skirt. I have two days off next week and what better to do with my time off than sew! So excited! I hope to be able to whip it up and wear it on Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Let us know how your circle skirt turns out! :) I've been thinking about making one, but I haven't been in a "sewing mood" lately.