Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Treasure

One of my good friends was helping her in-laws clean out their garage and found me this little treasure.

Don't I have such a nice friend!

It is a Maytag Washer manual in mint condition with the most adorable illustrations! I tried to look online to date the manual. One being sold on Ebay was listed as "1930 +", but the illustration looks later than that to me. The woman reads very 50's housewife, which is more in line with another source that dated one of the models for the manual at 1946 and another at 1945.

I love the rick rack she's wearing in this shot.

Laundry is fun!

Illustrated directions make housekeeping a breeze.

A striped apron with a bow.

A warranty- but you might not have to use it as my research turned up people still using the models in the manual today.

I want to make scans of the book to post, but that'll take a special trip to the library to use their scanners when I know I can take good care of it.

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