Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Belle Blossoms' October BOM

I recently signed up for Belle Blossoms' Blossom of the Month Club and received my very first blossom in the mail last Friday. It came beautifully wrapped in leopard print tissue paper with a blue tie. I was a bit too excited to remember to take pictures. Oops! Maybe next month.

Orange magnolia

Inside was a beautiful fall orange colored magnolia blossom with two leaves. It is huge and so realistic looking! It was clipped to a pretty card with a poem about magnolias and a hint for next months blossom. I wore my blossom out that night as it serendipitously was the night of my husband's and my church's biannual dinner and a movie date night. I paired it with a cute little blue wrap dress from Ann Taylor and a pair of black suede pumps. The orange popped really great against the blue! I didn't get any pictures, but my friend did so I'll have to bug her for them.

The blue dress I wore to dinner and a movie. (Not me in it though.) I too chose to wear a cami under it as the dress does come a bit low in the front.

Saturday, my hubby and I helped out at a paintball event at our church and I wore my blossom again. No, I didn't play! I'm much too sensitive to take the pain, but I sold refreshments. I was quite impressed by how well the blossom stayed in my hair. I didn't have to adjust it once the whole day. It even survived several trips on a speeding golf cart without budging! It was super cute with my jeans and brown jacket. (Again, sorry no pics. :( )

So, today I wore it again and this time did get pictures! Yay me!

Skirt, belt and earrings: New York and Company
Shirt: ?? I've had it forever
Hair flower: Belle Blossoms :D

I was talking in this picture, but my winged eyeliner turned out great today!

Such a beautiful flower!

I'm sure I'll be a happy BOM girl for a long time!

Sewing aside:
I have been having a crazy time trying to sew my simple bag. First, my sewing machine had fits with my black thread. It's a really think kind of thread and I think I need to have my machine on a different setting or something. So today I finally got back out to the store to get normal black thread. When I got home, I started sewing, but when I went to go put my new sewing foot on, I realized it attached 90 degrees from the way it needs to. Bummer. So, I guess I won't be finishing my "quick and easy" project anytime soon.

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  1. The flower is lovely! I hope your sewing project works out.