Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love getting mail!

Coming home to a package outside my door is one of my favorite things. Yesterday I came home to two(!!!) and a note that I had one at the post office that I needed to sign for. Oh, happy day!

My first package was a pair of sunglasses that I bought from Super Kawaii Mama. I ordered them a while ago, but as they were coming from down under, they were a while in transit. I broke my last pair of shades a while ago and I've been searching for a new pair. This pair was just pink and fabulous and totally me. They had the added benefit of not making me look like Paris Hilton. (My hubby thought my last pair did.... :/ )

This picture is from Super Kawaii Mama's blog as these shades have already found a home in the car and I was too lazy to go out to the car in my pjs to get them and take pics.

My second package was a Lauren Maurer print I won in Bombshell Bettie's Vintage giveaway. It is even more beautiful in person. If I had I vanity, this picture would go right next to it to inspire me to look fabulous every morning. As I don't have one, I'm probably going to put it in my bedroom somewhere. My husband and I love art and our apartment is full of it. I also have a great Audrey Hepburn poster that needs framed and hung up.

This is a picture from Lauren Maurer's etsy. You can still buy this print in her shop!

The last package that I had to rescue from the post office was from Wearing History. I love Lauren's store and there were a couple of patterns that I daydreamed about making but was a bit nervous with my sewing skills. I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and buy a couple.

My new patterns!

I love all things sailor and nautical and this playsuit is totally me! It originally was not released in my size and I was super excited when Lauren re-released it in my size.

The second pattern I purchased was a 30's style shorts, pants, and blouse pattern. I'm super excited about the possibilities for this pattern. It looks really tame in the picture but Lauren's made these two:

I absolutely adored this blue, pink and red shirt that flew out of Lauren's store.

I also adore this shirt that is currently available in the shop. The two colors of rick rack is so cute!

I also purchased a hand made retro bustier from Wearing History. It's so cute! A retro kitchen print with alternating vintage buttons.

How could you not love this! I may have to wear it tomorrow despite the 50 degree weather.

Close up of the print.

Another close up. Love those buttons!

Hope you've enjoyed my shopping! And don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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  1. What great buys!I love Laurens patterns but last time i looked she doesn't make them in my size unfortunately.The bustier fabric is adorable,i would love a shirt in that material.That red floral & rick rack shirt is fantastic.
    Luv the sunnies,very girly & sweet:)
    Congrats on winning the print ,it's lovely.