Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pearl Harbor

Last night, Pearl Harbor was just starting as I got home from school, so I figured I'd watch it. I knew it would be a sad movie, but I thought the fashion would be worth it. The first half of the movie was great and full of fashion!

I loved following the nurses around. They always looked so great.

This may have been my favorite shot because of all of the head wear!

Check out the purses and shoes that match the head wear from the last shot.

Kate Beckinsale was beautiful as Evelyn.

She had quite a collection of swimsuits, which comes in handy when you are stationed in Hawaii!

The second half of the film, however, was very difficult for me. As a rule, I don't watch modern war movies. (By modern, I mean anything set after the 1400s.) My husband was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and I haven't watched a modern war film since he left. I had heard wonderful things about this film and wanted to see the forties fashions. I really wish I'd stopped watching after the first half. There were some serious water works last night. Those of you who have seen this film can testify to heart wrenching love plot and I really just couldn't take it.

So, I guess over all I'd say it was a great movie, but I doubt I would watch the full film again. If you are like me and don't think you can handle it, check out pictures online or just watch the first half.

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