Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cherries Jubilee

I finished my cherry print purse! Hooray! It was just as crazy today as my previous attempts, but I succeeded. I did not get a zipper foot that worked on my sewing machine, but I did get the zipper in nicely by being very careful and moving the zipper as I sewed. My thread kept getting caught in my machine and I had to take it apart to get it all out. Then I couldn't get it back together again! Ahh! But, after some tough love (and quite a bit of banging), I got the whole contraption together and tada! it worked again! It was nuts. But now I have my purse and it is so worth it! I made it from a vintage pattern so I guess this is my first vintage purse.

Hey look, it matches my shirt! The lining is also green as I didn't find a good cherry red lining at the store and green's my favorite color anyways.

The ties are just long enough to fit over my shoulder but still short enough to carry by the ties.

My huge wallet fits inside, which makes me happy. It's a bit smaller than my normal purses, but I'm sure downsizing a bit will be worth it to use this beauty.

The best part of finishing my purse? It has a twin! And one of you lovely readers will get to add it to her closet. That's right, I'm hosting my very first give away!

To Enter:

Follow my blog and leave a comment on this post. Be sure to leave your email if you're not logged in or if your email is not on your blog somewhere. For an extra entry, post about this give away on your blog and leave a link to your post in a separate comment.

The give away will end on at midnight EST/GMT -5 on October 31st and I'll post the winner on Monday Nov. 1.


  1. wow that is such a cute bag.

  2. I have also posted on my blog

  3. That is a really cute bag! :)

  4. That's gorgeous,well done!I'm already a follower so please do enter me.I love cherry prints so i would love to own this cute little bag:)
    Thanks for the chance,my email is
    jasonandskye at bluemaxx dot com dot au

  5. That's a lovely bag! And so sweet of you to give one away :)
    radiantphotographer at gmail dot com