Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swing Dress Sew-along Progress

I am a bit behind on the Swing Dress, but that's ok. Here's what I got finished this weekend:

The back of the dress is attached!

Pocket under construction!

Hmmm.... my poor dress looks a bit sad on the hanger. I got supplies to make a duct tape dress form, but have yet to get around to it. Must get on that.

I have one more panel to attach to the front of the skirt and then I can attach it to the dress. Overall, the project is going very well. Working with the fabric has made me realize that it's a lot thinner than I thought it was... I think I should have underlined it. Guess I can always get a slip.

The reason I am behind on the sew-along is because I worked furiously over the weekend on my secret project. Alas, I ran out of the color thread I was using. This project has a lot of decorative stitching. Nothing too complicated, but it does go through a lot of thread. I was hoping to have it finished for Monday night's dinner out with the in-laws. Oh, well.

Here's sneak peak #2.

I'm hoping to have another youtube video up by the end of the week. (But I also have a paper to write....) I've also been doing some of the administrative paperwork type stuff to get my etsy shop set up. Hopefully that will be up soon as well!


  1. If you are going to start sewing more often and really get into garment construction, I would advise against wasting your time on a duck tape dress form. Joann's often puts the Singer adjustable dress forms on sale for $99. That is pretty affordable and a great investment if you plan on sewing long term. I got lucky, I bought one for my friend's birthday because she really wanted one, and I mentioned it to my mom, and I got one for Christmas! I don't know how I ever lived without it!

  2. Personally don't care for the adjustable forms, they just do not adjust enough. The duct tape forms are great if you follow through on the process and use it as a mold to make a foam form from, but the easiest is Uniquely you. Worth the investment for sure!