Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snoods, Belts and .... Prom Dresses????

So I promised photos of my two new belts from Cassie Stephens! I was so excited to get this package in the mail! Then I opened it and was even more excited.

EEK! Is this not the most darling packaging you've ever seen! I felt like it was my birthday or something. So, I opened my presents.

I choose two belts from Cassie's store. After seeing Solanah sporting a kitty belt, I had to get one of those. I chose a classy black and white one. I loved the lace and the fact that the kitty itself was reversible too! I also loved the bird belt too! The buckle is a gorgeous gray color with a great texture. The belt is red velvet on one side and a cute "learning to write cursive" print on the back.

I got snoods from Arthelia's Attic in the mail today. It just must be my week for mail! (Or last week was my week for shopping....) They came wrapped in pretty tissue paper just like my last one. I opted for a navy and a black one this go around as my purple one is a bit hard to match to things. I love these snoods as they are hand crocheted and just so much nicer quality than other snoods I've seen.

I love that Naomi adds bows! So 40s!

I also signed up for a local sewing challenge hosted by my school. It's a fashion makeover/unconventional material challenge. Here's what I picked up tonight to use as my building materials.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to make yet, but I'm thinking separates, hence the bringing home three dresses.

The off white dress is the one I grabbed first. I loved the lace and pearl details. I figured I could salvage it. Guess I'll have to do some sketching a la Project Runway. I'm pretty excited. I'm hoping to make a vintage inspired something but we'll see. The fashion show is March 19th.


  1. What a fun project is in your near future. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  2. Luv the belts,i will definitely have to check those out.
    I have wanted one of Athelia's snoods for ages,they are just lovely.
    What a great project,i'm not sure what i would do with the coloured ones but my 1st thoughts on seeing the cream dress was vintage millinery,some draping chiffon somewhere & maybe a butterfly.Just my thoughts popping out:)Hmm i'm really in the mood for some upcycling now.
    Good luck with the sewing:)