Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outfit Post: Red and Navy Plaid

This is what I wore today. It's day number two of being iced/snowed in. Yesterday I had a frump day but not today! (Though I did not bother with shoes as I shan't be venturing out of the house.)

Dress: Bad Girl Vintage
Belt: Handmade by me using Tilly's tutorial

I made this bow belt yesterday (so I was at least a bit productive!) from leftover fabric from the Wearing History pants. I've been looking for a belt for this dress for a while. I bought a white one a while ago, but I found I didn't like them together when I got home. Since I wasn't going to find a self-fabric belt lying around anytime soon, I thought I'd make one. And I had the perfect amount of leftover fabric too!

My day today was spent working on this youtube video. Our cable is out due to the ice, so Netflix has been my friend today while editing and uploading.


  1. LOVE this dress... you look really gorgeous in it!

  2. such a cute dress! I had a frump day yesterday and today as well haha