Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring Sewing Ideas

I've been trying to organize my plans for spring sewing projects as a trip to the fabric store is in my near future and I need to think through the Spring Palette Challenge some more. So here are my options. Comments are, of course, appreciated.

1. 1940s Swing Dress

This is a no brainer as I'm doing the sew along.

2. Sew Serendipity Skirts

I got the book Sew Serendipity for Christmas and I've been dying to make something from it, but it is definitely a Spring/Summer sewing book!

Option a)

I bought some fabric for this skirt already. I just have to hunt down some contrast and ruffle material. This is going to be a Spring Palette Challenge item.

Option b)

I love love love the skirt on the front of the book! I will make it eventually.

PS Just found Kay Whitt's blog!

3. Shirtwaist dress a la The Notebook

I want to make this dress:

by adapting this pattern:

Pros: Just need to add cuffs and do a different collar.
Cons: Not in the color palette of my Spring Palette Challenge.

4. Simplicity Blouse 2501 View C

I want to add more separates to my wardrobe and I'm particularly smitten with view c (although view b is nice too).

5. Simplicity Blouse 4978

I like views D, E and F for spring.

6. Wrap dress with bow

I like the dress in the bottom right corner, view a. Love the little bow detail.

7. Sew Serendipity Coat

Option a)

Love the idea of a fun spring trench! I've never made a coat before though...

Option b)

This one would work great for a less busy print.

8. Bags!

Remember when I made this?

Well, I'm planning on making this vintage style bag and an evening vintage style bag to sell on etsy. But first I have to make some! Any thoughts on prints or fabrics you think would be nice?

Hmmmm.... That's an awfully long list..... Maybe I'm a bit crazy.... Plus I still have to take in my Wearing History pants (on my to do list for this weekend!)... and do the faux button dress (which is on hold until I get tracing paper, as it is an uncut vintage pattern and I'm sure someone would kill me if it became un-uncut. Not to mention I'm sure I'll have to add more to the hip area.).

So, yeah, any help in the prioritizing are would be most appreciated! I get terrible decision anxiety over such things.

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  1. could you make a tutorial of how to make the one from the notebook?