Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family History

I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite family history treasures I gleaned while at my great-grandmother's funeral. My great-grandmother's name was Elizabeth and she was born in 1913! She was 98 when she passed. She had four children from her first marriage (which ended in divorce), then married my great-grandpa Jesse, who died a couple of years ago. And they had one child together, my grandma Mary. My great-grandma was a very strong willed, opinionated person. One thing everyone knew about her was that she hated the color purple and she wasn't afraid to let people know about it!

This is my great-great-grandmother's class ring from 1902! She must have had tiny fingers because it just fit on my pinky! It's being donated to a local historical society but I couldn't leave without snapping a picture of it!

This is my great-grandmother's aunt Mary (so I think that makes her my great-great aunt). She didn't have any kids of her own and was close to my great-grandmother and her siblings.

This was by far my favorite find! It's a rather large picture of a picnic. There was no info written on the back of the photo, but given the clothing, I'd guess late 20s early 30s. There were several other pictures of the lady in the hat, whom we (my grandmother and I) think may be aunt Mary (pictured above). But check out the girl with the profile view! She looks creepishly like me! We have the same nose and chin, dark hair, glasses, and even crappy posture! It's quite likely that this is my great-grandma since the age would fit with my guesstimated date. I've been considering getting my hair cut like hers!

I have tons of other pictures including two labeled books from the 50s (one in need of dire repair due to tape!) which I will share with you once I get scanned (and not just snapped with my camera like these were). I also have some jewelry and home goods to share with you.


  1. :D That are some wonderful finds! I love snooping around in my mom and grandma's old pictures! Sadly, there aren't all that many...

  2. It's always so special to be able to acquire jewelry and pictures that have belonged to other generations of women in your family, isn't it?

    My great grandma (she made it to 100!)just passed away, as well. I was able to get a few things of hers and I was thrilled that I did; she had a very big family!

    Christina Phillips

  3. I adore old family photos. I have a couple photos that look so so similar to the first one. Love her hairstyle.