Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sew Weekly: Nautical

I was quite excited to find out that this week's Sew Weekly challenge was nautical. Not only was nautical my summer sewing theme, but I had the perfect UFO to whip up! I've been pretty busy and haven't gotten to do Sew Weeklies lately. And after this week, I'll be furiously working on the Renaissance dress and probably won't be doing any more for a while. :(

Anyways, here it is!

Fabric: same as the rest of the Sailor Playsuit
Pattern: Wearing History's 1940s Sailor Playsuit skirt
Year: 1940s
Notions: button
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Yes! I really love this skirt! I was not planning on loving this part of the playsuit, but it really is a nice 40s shape! And I can totally see it non-nautical in a different color palette.
No bound button holes! I gave in and did machine button holes. H
I also finished another hat last week!
Fabric: 1 yd quilting cotton ($5/yd)
Pattern: Wearing History's Sporty Toppers view IV
Year: 1930s
Notions: 6 buttons ($3), millinery crinoline ($6)
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Probably. It's really more floppy than I wanted, so I'll definitely look for more stiff crinoline next time. It also ended up a smidge tight around my head, so I'll make the head hole a bit bigger next time. Also, the print on the fabric is not terribly period, but it will be a good sun hat for this summer. I'll probably have another go next summer. And since my hair is so short, it likes to poke awkwardly through the holes in the top.
shirt: Walmart ($5!)
skirt: me made
hat: me made
jewelry: vintage from my great-grandmother


  1. cute!!!! I've been making hats like a mad woman lately. I ordered some crinoline from Judith M millinery. The basic crinoline is very light weight but they do have some that have more substance to them. They ship very fast!

  2. I'll have to check them out. I ordered mine from England and it took forever to get here!

  3. :) Love the double row of buttons on the skirt, and the outfit looks lovely with the hat!

  4. Lovely! This is my favorite color combo and you totally rocked it. I love seeing what you will sew next!

  5. cute cute cute ! Love it so Much !!!

  6. Ooohh! Love this outfit! I've been dying to make up the hat myself! This is perfectly nautical and so much fun!

  7. The skirt is so cute! I especially love it with the red striped shirt! ;)