Thursday, July 7, 2011

1940s/1950s Inspired Everyday Makeup Look

Here's my very first makeup tutorial!


  1. FANTASTIC! Love the tutorial!!

  2. Lovely tutorial!

  3. Very nice. I'm eye make-up dumb. basically I only wear eye liner pencil. I find you so talented to put on that eyeliner as you do. I pull my eye lid to the side to put my liner on. Maybe I do it wrong? Mary kay is what I use too of eyeshadow (mainly just whites and browns). I used to have a lot of mary kay too because my GOd-mother gave me all of it for free. . but now she is in Heaven so I have a new consultant who only gives me a 10% discount. :: sigh :: I've never worn blush. It looks cute on you! I only wear Mary Kay lip shades too! I haven't seen the colors you use but I like them a lot! Just a pain that they are so pricey at mary kay. ahhh. I miss free make up.