Monday, July 25, 2011

In which I play photographer

I thought I'd share some photos from horse clinic last week! My church runs a program called Adopt-a-Horse where kids can come and learn how to ride and care for horses for free. We also use this opportunity to teach them about Jesus and the amazing impact He has had on our lives. This summer, we put on a 3 day clinic during what just so happened to be the hottest week of the summer! I'm not usually involved with Adopt-a-Horse, but I volunteered to be the clinic photographer.

The kids were from a variety of horse skill levels from never having been on a horse before to girls who were jumping!
It was pretty awesome to see them all progress during the week!

Genius me decided that it'd be totally ok to learn a new flash and camera on the fly, but I still took tons of photos!

I did bring a set of all cute outfits to wear, but it was much too hot! In the upper 90s and wicked humid for all three days!

So there are not cute pictures of me, which is ok since we were all hot and sweaty anyways.

I just felt bad for the poor kids who had to wear pants while on the horses!

But we had water activities in the afternoon. I couldn't get wet since I was taking pictures though.

Most days I was just jealous of the barn cats who could lie on the cool floor and nap all day.

It was pretty awesome, but I'm glad it's done with so I can recoup!


  1. Stunning photos! I loved horse camp when I was younger!!

  2. Adopt-a-Horse sounds like a really wonderful program!
    You took some really amazing photographs, I especially love the silhouette shots!

    I've been meaning to tell you, your blog is looking fantastic! I love the background and header, everything looks great!

  3. This makes me really miss being a groom aide at summer camp for a few summers as I did as a teen. :(
    very lovely shots!