Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Favorite 40s Dress

Everyone has a favorite dress in their closet that they love and mine's a bit of a guilty pleasure because it's not vintage, me-made or rtw. It's actually custom made for me! Now it was custom made before I lost my weight but a handy black velvet belt makes it all good again.

I wore this out to a political event where my husband went to hear a 3rd party candidate from the Libertarian party speak. I'm not much into politics but my husband is and I went with because he was so pumped about it.

My hair's been a bit blah lately so I went for a pageboy-ish hair do by curling under the ends.

I also got to wear out some cute shoes that hardly see the light of day. Yay cute shoes!

Oh, I wish I had Anne Miller's legs!


  1. Oh I absolutely love it!! That collar is to die for. I agree, I'm not wild about politics but I'll take any chance to get dolled up :(

  2. I love that dress! I had this grand idea of ordering it from an etsy company for a Christmas/year end banquet but they stopped carrying it right before I ordered it last? year.

  3. What a beautiful colour you look fabulous!

  4. Such a timelessly beautiful, elegant dress. That hue is so rich and flattering, I can completely see why you adore it and am so happy for you that you're able to wear it now still, too, thanks to the addition of a cute little belt.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh, I have always loved Ann Miller, that movie, that number and ThAt DrEsS!!! No wonder it is your favorite! What's not to love? A rich green with black velvet accents, and the white and black plaid collar ruffle. (I picture it being taffeta, is it?) Add to that, a sweetheart neckline, and *swoon*. Don't you just want to twirl? And I think that this situation is perfect for a quote we (girls) use in my family: "It's not about the ----- (fill in the blank, in this case, politics), it's all about the clothes/dress!"

    1. It's actually a twill but I think it'd be fabulous in taffeta!

  6. I have the same dress in red velvet, also made for me... but I only wear year for one evening... I'm always a bit disapointed with those repro, the fabric is a bit cheap and strechy, I don't like that so much... but I really loved this model, a classic!!!

  7. Oh goodness it is so amazing!!! I adore the color choice too on you!

  8. I looked at this entry this morning on my iPod touch, and the dress looked black. Reading it again on my laptop, it's actually a lovely green! Darling! Cute shoes, too!