Thursday, October 25, 2012

An English Noble Woman

My Renaissance Faire ensemble got a bit of a makeover since last year (1) (2) . Interchangeable sleeves, a partlet, some new trim and a fab hat took it from Tudor Rose to Elizabethan Noblewoman.

It was pretty chilly so I ended up wearing me jeans underneath and still being brrr.

My mother-in-law came along and wore my lower class red dress. She had a ball.

My hoops are looking a bit elliptical instead of circular but my bum roll looks sharp.

The hubby donned the kilt again this weekend. He's super excited about it.

Yay for a great day at the faire!


  1. What kind of comments do you get from people there? Do they want a picture with you? I like the sleeves. Is this what you will be wearing Saturday?

    1. I actually didn't get a whole lot of comments from people but loads of people took my picture from afar. This is one option for Saturday. I haven't exactly decided what to wear yet. The bad thing about this outfit is that I can't sit at the barn because all of the chairs have arms! And also, it's hard to move it.

  2. It is funny to think of jeans underneath that dress but man the whole outfit is perfection!!! How gorgeous.

  3. Oh my stars, you look so, so incredibly wonderful! That dress is a resplendent work of art.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very jealous of this dress. I love that burnt orange fabric.