Friday, October 19, 2012

In which you decide what I get to wear

I need your help deciding what to wear out tonight! It's my church's biannual dinner and a movie date night featuring a great vintage film. If I was a sharp, prepared blogger, I'd have done this post at the beginning of the week so you'd have time to vote. As it is, I'm not so you've got less than 12 hours to vote.

#1 Vintage taffeta circle skirt and sweater combo

#2 Modern Rose print jersey dress

#3 Taffeta 50s me made dress

#4 Vintage pink zebra jersey dress

I've added the poll to the top right on my blog so please vote! Past Dinner and a Movie outfits (1) (2)


  1. Taffeta & sweater is the one I would wear!

  2. well, you KNOW i love the modern rose print dress... but i voted vintage to go with the night!

  3. Beautiful looks one and all, but I think the first is my favourite for the type of evening you've got planned.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It was a toss up between one and two. But I went with two.

  5. Awww I was going to vote for #1, but couldn't from my iPod touch. Well, I hope that's the one you went with!

  6. The zebra was my favorite, but I missed the vote! :D Which did you wear??

  7. Well, if I had been on the ball, I would have voted for #1. As it is, I will await the next post, to see what you really wore. Hope you had fun. I know you looked the part, no matter what.