Monday, October 22, 2012

The People Have Spoken!

On Friday, I asked you guys to vote on what I should wear on my date night. Thanks to all of you who voted! The majority of you loved this outfit so this is what I wore:

Sweater: The Limited
Circle Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Modcloth
Faux Pearls: Forever 21

The skirt is really fun to wear and I'd never worn it to a church event before.

I didn't wear the teal hat because it's a bit big on me and I really need curls to fill it out. I actually scavenged this bow on an elastic from a gift box and it just so happened to fit my head.

If you were a fan of outfit #2, don't worry, I wore it Sunday and got some cute pictures.


  1. I did vote for this outfit! You look lovely!

    Funnily enough I made a circle skirt last week which is very similar to the one you have. I really want a teal jumper to go with it- such a great combination of colour!

  2. I do love this look and I love look #2 as well. This one is so cute. I adore the kitty shoes I think the most. :) I think I need to get a pair of kitty shoes.

  3. So cool, that was my vote and it looks absolutely fantastic on you here, too. Love your short new 'do and the darling hair bow you partnered it with here.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh how GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!