Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Part 2

My in-laws, my hubby and I have a tradition where we get together at their home on Christmas eve for a fancy dinner and presents-no kids allowed! And it's always very nice. This year due to my father-in-law's work schedule we had it on the 23rd instead so this outfit did double duty for church and Christmas dinner.

I found the gorgeous 50s vintage suit at a local vintage store while shopping with a friend. Can you say wow! Velvet, peplum, a fabulous pinky red color and I could get it on my body!

Feline photo bomber!
I did move the button on the jacket and one on the skirt over a bit for some extra room and I let it out a smidgen over the bottom area just for a bit more wearing ease, but really, vintage suits are never ever this close to my measurements! And I got it for $45!

The condition was great! I could tell that it had been let out on the sides previously but it was barely noticeable. The only other issue was a bit of wear on the covered button. But it was sooooo fabulous!

I paired it with black hoes and some cute black shoes.

This is my in-laws' kitty Tuffy. He's crazy affectionate and kept begging for lovings while we were taking pictures.

So I gave him some before we had dinner. They have another kitty who goes by Baby but she's super shy.

Dinner set up! We turned off all the lights and ate by candle light. It was fabulous! 

Our contribution to the evening was a bottle of Delicia malt beverage (technically a beer I guess but doesn't taste anything like a beer.) We'd previously had the whipped cream flavor (nom nom nom) and brought a bottle of the red velvet flavor to try. And it tasted exactly like red velvet cake! It was a bit weird because it was a beverage that tasted like a food but it was good. If you need something new to try for your holiday festivities or New Years, I highly recommend it. It's available at Walmart (and other places I'm sure).


  1. Wowza!! That is crazy awesome!! You look fab in it!

  2. I hear you loud and clear about vintage suits almost never fitting, the same is true for me, too. Most often I find they're wildly too big in the bust and/or the skirt is like an inch or two too big or small, but often there are other issues as well, like the shoulders will be too roomy or the arms miles to long. It such an incredible treat to find a vintage suit (especially one this gorgeous) that fits so well.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. What a wonderful find! You looked lovely-

  4. Gorgeous suit! What an incredible find. I have those same black shoes! :)

  5. What a lovely suit!! Perfect for Xmas, you look gorgeous!

  6. Oh my! What a treasure. I am very new to sewing (trying to teach myself), and I found your blog while surfing for Downton Abbey sewing info. If that show doesn't make you want to sew, what will? I have a question about what kinds of fabrics to purchase - would you mind giving me some tips? I'm especially interested in re-creating one particular blouse from the series, but I'm not sure where to start. Love your blog!

    1. I'd love to help with your Downton Abbey sewing! Feel free to email me at and we can chat about the particular blouse you are interested in. Do check out the Dressing Downton tab at the top of my blog for some of the costumes I've already blogged about.