Monday, December 3, 2012

Pixie does 40s

The decade I've been most nervous about pulling off with my pixie is the 40s but I finally decided to take the plunge and see if I could rock it!

It was unseasonably warm so I pulled out this vintage 40s dress for one last hurrah before the cold set in.

While this sort of pixie definitely isn't period, I think it looks super cute!

My husband was taking Christmas photos for clients but I made him take some shots playing around on the set!

The good news is that this set up is at my church so I'll have a good backdrop for photos for the whole Christmas season!

I really love the cut of 40s dresses. The skirts are so swooshy without being bulky like 50s skirts can be.

I just love the darling print on this dress! It's almost as cute as my hair!

Is there a decade that you are afraid of wearing? Be bold and believe in yourself and you can do it!


  1. *sigh* you look gorgeous. Your pixie hairdo really suits you. And your dress is sublime!

  2. Well, technically the pixie isn't period correct. BUT there were some nonconformist ladies {I'd probably be one of them, cause I've always done crazy things with my hair} who chopped it off into a boy cut. For an instance, Sophie Scholl. And in the Regency period Jane Austen's niece Fanny chopped her hair off into a boy cut/pixie. I'm sure she stood out. :)

  3. You hair is so darling that it really has the ability to blend into the overall look of most any era - especially when partnered with clothes as lovely as this classic 40s dress.

    ♥ Jessica