Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stash Busting 2012

I've been keeping better track of my fabric stash and I've been diligently trying to stash bust all year long. So let's see how I did!

The bottom bar is my stash at the end of 2011. The middle bar is my 2011 stash plus any fabric I've bought this year. The top bar is the middle bar minus all the fabric I used this year. Each bar is coded for garment, quilting and home dec fabrics. I'm happy to say that current stash size is smaller than my stash last year by 13 yds! And I've used up most of my quilting cotton and not bought much more.

My current stash is mostly garment with just a bit of quilting and home dec fabrics in the mix. I don't often do crafting or home dec sewing but I do use quilting and home dec fabrics occasionally for costuming.

And here's a break down of all of the fabric I used this year (131 yds! eep!)

Type Stash 2011 % Stash 2011 Stash 2012 Used Remaining % of Stash % Used % remaining
garment 43.4 54.7979798 145.4266667 90.27333333 55.15333333 73.69656838 62.07481434 83.30899753
quilting 29 36.61616162 40.545 36.825 3.72 20.54662624 90.82500925 5.619052414
home dec 6.8 8.585858586 11.36 4.03 7.33 5.756805378 35.47535211 11.07195005
Total 79.2 100 197.3316667 131.1283333 66.20333333 100 66.45073016 100

 And if you are super nerdy like me, here's some more stats! Next year, my goal is to stash bust even more and keep my total stash amount down. Almost 200 yds is a lot! And I still have some huge yardage from my trip to the LA garment district last year. I need to sew some of that before I go back next summer!


  1. I love you keep a yardage count.. You doing well on de stashing

  2. Wow 200 yards, sounds like a lot of treasure to me ;-)

  3. What a cool idea! I think I need a program like this for my paper crafting supplies stash! :)

    Wishing you an incredible, endlessly happy New Year, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Every year my goal is to bust the fabric stash. It would free up so much space!