Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feeling Spring-y

I'm so excited because the weather has finally started to be warm consitantly!

So I thought it would be a great day to pull out my springy green sweater to wear!

It's such a nice fun color and it looks great with my 50s atomic circle skirt.

Skirt: me-made

You'll have to pardon my hair. It was quite windy today plus I did this with a heated set and it was kind of crazy by the time I got to take pictures.

What spring pieces have you been wearing lately?


  1. Your sweater is so cute! Lovely colour, and so feminine! I wish I had your knitting skills! :)

  2. so very cute! I'm loving this weather recently!

  3. That sweater is adorable! I love that shade of green, though it really doesn't suit me unfortunately.

  4. Absolutely wonderful sweater (and skirt). Celery green is such a serene, lovely colour - it needs far more love in the fashion world if you ask me.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Lovely top and such a cool colour!

  6. So super cute...where are you sitting?!