Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sometimes you just have to accept reality

As much as I wish I could live somewhere like southern California or Florida where I could wear pretty summer sundresses most of the year, I do not. I live in the midwest and it gets cold! And the weather is often uncooperative.

What happens in March is that the weather will be gorgeous for a few days and then go back to cold and rainy/snowy for a few weeks. At this point in time, I was so over winter especially since last winter was super mild. In an attempt to combat the winter blues, I set out to sew up a chilly weather appropriate dress and promptly purchased two lengths of corduroy from Jo-Anns (on sale too!)

This dress is the result of one of my fabric purchases! It's short sleeved so it won't be good for the dead of winter but it's going to be great for spring and fall days that are chilly in the morning and during early winter.

Fabric: 3 5/8 yd red corduroy ($4.50/yd), 2/3 yd black wool blend crepe (leftovers from another project)
Pattern:  Simplicity 2851
Year: 1949
Notions: Buttons (from Costume College $1), zipper ($2), belt is from a previously made dress
First worn: April '12
Total cost: ~$20
Wear again? Yup, I love it! It's very comfortable and much warmer than my summer dresses. I love the length and flattring late 40s silhouette. The only thing I don't like is that it's a lint magnet! 

I really want to make up this pattern in the other view in a more summery weight fabric but this dress is just perfect for posing in front of the old red storage barns!


  1. Oh I love your color combo!

    This Ohio weather has been crazy! It was 90 degrees yesterday, I couldn't believe it.

    1. I know! We had to turn our ac on!

    2. I had all the fans going, my poor Australian Shepard was dying in the heat. He hasn't had time to shed his winter coat yet.

  2. I love corduroy, and what a terrific idea! I hardly ever wear dresses in winter because I'm so cold - but a corduroy dress is a wonderful idea. Think I'll give it a go!

  3. Very cute! That's a great idea making something sightly transitional. My JoAnn's has a nice supply of corduroy, I have two cuts waiting in the wings for more trousers. :)

    I too am just so over winter, it pains me to still need a cardigan or sweater!

  4. That's life in the Midwest for ya! Sometimes you can get all four seasons in one day, or maybe that's just us Hoosiers. ::shrugs:: You either love it or hate it.

  5. Great dress! I'm now in need of a red and black one just like it (the wardrobe in my head is enormous and wonderful, real life not so much!). I'm in the Midwest, too - kids in shorts on Tuesday, sweaters and jeans on Wednesday and don't forget the umbrella. Never a dull moment!

  6. Great dress, and the color suits you so well! Don't worry too much about the weather - there is a lot of nice dress patterns that you can make up to wear in colder times - just like your new one!

  7. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we've had all four seasons in one day recently. Makes it hard to get dressed and leave because you never know how the weather will be in an hour.

  8. Wise advice (which this Canadian gal wholeheartedly seconds) and a gorgeous 40s frock, now that's my kind of blog post! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Very cute! It is a great dress for that transitional period between winter and spring. Here in Maryland getting dressed has been a bit of a gamble the past couple of weeks. It's been downright hot one day and cold and rainy the next.