Thursday, August 15, 2013

Costume College: The Exhibit

Every year there is a costume exhibit at Costume College! There were some really great ones on display this year.

Exhibit CoCo 2013

A striped bustle dress!

Exibit CoCo 2013

A recreation of Rapunzel's dress from Tangled.

Exhibit CoCo 2013

Exhibit CoCo 2013

A Lord of the Ring's costume! So great!

Exhibit CoCo 2013

Super pretty Edwardian chemise and corset!

Exhibit CoCo 2013

I love the black, white and pink combo! It's so modern! Just goes to show that everything comes back into style at some point.

Exhibit CoCo 2013

Another pretty hat!

There were loads of other pretties too! You can check out a bunch more photos over on my flickr.

1 comment:

  1. Timelessly swoon worth pieces! I so adore those gorgeous hats and the Edwardian corset and chemise.

    ♥ Jessica