Monday, August 5, 2013

In the Navy

Well, in navy at least....... I love a great classic outfit and this is a favorite!

Hat & crochet gloves: vintage
Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: me made
Earrings & faux pearls: vintage

 I just adore this navy hat! Too bad I have two navy hats and this blouse is the only navy thing in my wardrobe! Must fix this soon!

I love this brown circle skirt. It's basic but super nerdy with the atomic symbols! (I'm a chemistry grad student.)

 I opted to wear this outfit without a crinoline in the ballerina style. This style was popular in the early 50s before crinolines were in style. My skirt is a bit short for the ballerina style since they were usually ankle length or so but it's a nice change from the crinoline.

I've also been loving my new coral lipstick (Coral Crush by Red Apple Lipstick). Such a great color for summer! Not as fussy as red but still a lot of color.

Do you have a favorite go to outfit? Do you style it the same way every time or do you like to switch it up?


  1. Love your navy hat - I have a similar-ish navy straw hat which I adore! Navy is one of my favourite colours too but I don't have as many navy dresses as I'd like :)

  2. And rightfully so - you look so timelessly elegant and beautiful in this dark, classic shade of blue. I don't have a favourite outfit so much as a few favourite garments that I reach for time and time again, such as my beloved black 1950s velvet pencil skirt and an unbelievably well done (as it is super looks the part) 1970s does 40s purple jersey dress.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Super cute! I've lately been thinking about the "atomic" part of vintage. I just picked up a brooch to match a Bernie dress with this kind of theme. It's interesting isn't it? It's hard to imagine that people would go to Nevada just to sit and watch the bombs being blasted.

  4. Love your skirt with the atomic embroidery. My go to outfit is a dress so I do tend to style it much the same but I keep an eye out for new ideas.