Thursday, August 8, 2013

Costume College: Thursday

Phew! I'm still recovering from Costume College but I know you're all dying to see photos so let's get started! Thursday was travel day so I was up super early to catch my flight, but that meant more time in LA to do fun things!

 First stop was Mood! It's not actually in the garment district so I didn't get to go last year. I didn't end up purchasing anything because it was pricey and I wanted to save for deals in the garment district. But if anyone wants to buy me really nice gold lame for Christmas, it's $99/yd at Mood. ;)

Then it was time for Remix and shoe shopping! Shoes can be hard to buy online because of fit issues so it was super nice to be able to try on shoes and handle them in person.

Me and Ginger of Scene in the Past at Remix.

I did end up buying a pair of shoes that were on sale, but I'm saving all my trip purchases for one big reveal post. (And I'm feeling too lazy to get out my camera and photograph them right now.)

We also hit the What Katie Did shop in LA! I did pick up a pair of seamed stockings to try out. Need to see what all the hype is about!

Thursday evening was the pool party and I wore this dress. I didn't take any pictures myself since I'd been up about 20 hours at that point but if I find any floating around the internet, I'll be sure and share!

***Edit*** Ooops! Found this one on my camera! Guess I did get one shot after all!

Pool Party CoCo 2013


  1. How fun! I'd love to check out the ReMix store. I'd love to try one more size down in their shoes but I've been afraid to try it and have been sizing up since I am an 8 1/2. The 9's are a tad to big but I think the 8's would be too small. I once went to Mood in NYC and also found it very expensive and wondered how the Project Runway people could get outfits so cheap but heck they certainly had some beautiful bolts of fabric! It certainly is worth the trip just to browse. Your dress is just lovely. The color combination is striking.

  2. You lucky, lucky lass you! I have already spent more time than is probably reasonable daydreaming about visiting the Remix store one day. How awesome that you got to spend some time there (I bet it's even more amazing in real life than in photos!).

    ♥ Jessica