Monday, August 19, 2013

On my sewing table

Well, metaphorically anyways, since my sewing table is my kitchen table and we do actually eat there on occasion.... I'm being naughty and have quite a few things in progress right now. Trying to get some of them done before school starts on Wendesday! (Or more realistically before school starts getting super busy.)

I'm working on a bridesmaid's dress (for me!) in a yummy silk cotton blend interlined with cotton voile. It's Simplicity 8398 c. 1951. It's almost done. Just needs a zipper and some tacking down of facings.

Yay for blouses! I really want to try more to wear vintage to work especially since I now have a great vintage pants pattern and won't have to spend $100 a pop on Freddies. This is in white rayon left over from last year's Costume College haul in Advance 5900 from 1951. I'm doing the 3/4 length sleeve!

I also cut into this year's haul too! Another blouse in rayon! This one is Advance 8511 from the 50s.

It just needs buttons but I'm having decision issues! Which one do you like best?


  1. I like the first button the best. Pretty but not too fussy.

  2. So much prettiness! I just organized my fall/winter fabric and listed the projects I want to make. I like the small floral buttons on the left or the ones in the centre.

  3. Really lovely projects! These pieces are so elegantly, quintessentially 1950s. Gorgeous selection and fabrics for each piece.

    ♥ Jessica