Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back to Old Favorites

I like shiny, new pretty things but sometimes it's nice to go back to old favorites.

This dress is one of my old favorites. It's a printed rayon jersey dress from the late 50s/early 60s.

It's ridiculously comfortable.

This was not what I originally planned on wearing to this event but after a long day at work and a great hair do ruined by rain, it was definitely a day for a jersey dress and a snood.

Thankfully, the weather cleared up enough for pictures.

And, can I just say that I'm so happy that my bangs have finally grown out enough to do this style! Woot!


  1. Love this dress! The collar is perfection! :-) And I love your snood style- you're inspiring me to finally buy one. ;-)

  2. I don't recall seeing this before. It's a really cute dress. I've made the decision to grow out the pixie for a Bettie Page look and I can't wait till I can wear snoods. I never have!

  3. Very beautiful! I love the hair accent and a great rayon dress!

  4. The print on that dress is so pretty! Those colors really suit you!

  5. The dress is super cute! I love the neckline details!

  6. That is a really pretty dress. Love your hair flower :)

  7. Very well said. New is great, but sometimes it's important to stop and take stock of old favourites, too. I really felt like I got a chance to do that while packing for Calgary last month and am so grateful that I did, because seeing so many of my garments and accessories in the same day gave me the inspiration for about 20 new outfits that I'd not put together previously.

    You really look beautiful - that dress is smashing!

    ♥ Jessica