Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Youtube: Easy 50s Hot Sticks Style

This week's tutorial is an easy 50s style using Hot Sticks! I still prefer pin curls but they've been growing on me.


  1. Lovely video! It's great that your hair holds onto the curl from hot sticks (you're lucky!). My natural hair could never hold a heat set curl for more than a few minutes, no matter what method (Hot Sticks, hot rollers, curling iron, etc) I tried. Too fine and thin - I think that's the same reason it struggled to get more than a little bit of a wave from a perm, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks for posting! Could you do a tutorial (or point to a good one) on how you put your hair into the hot sticks? I have a set, and I have the darndest time getting my hair to actually stay in them. Everything comes flying out!

  3. I love hot sticks!! It took a few months of practice before I stopped burning myself but after I got used to them, I started using them more often than pin curls. My hair didn't hold well to heat sets in the beginning so I spritzed with setting lotion, blow dried completely, then rolled and it really helped to hold the curl!