Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HSF: 19 and 20 Catch Up

I'm a bit behind on finishing and documenting some Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges so let's get caught up!

The Challenge: #19 Wood, Metal, Bone

Fabric: 3.5 yds wool flannel, 0.5 yds cotton voile for lining, 1 yd cotton twill for interfacing, 0.5 yd mystery wool fabric for guards

Pattern: Self drafted from tutorial on elizabethancostume.net

Year: 1570s ish

Notions: 4 steel bones, 2 plastic bones, ribbon for lacing

How historically accurate is it? As far as materials go, linen lining would have been more accurate and I should have completely lined the kirtle and not just the bodice but I was going for cheap on the parts you couldn't see. I handsewed almost the entire gown using the tutorials here and here. The only things I sewed by machine are the boning channels and one side of the guard and one side of the skirt facing. So yay for historical accuracy on the construction!

I think that for the next go around, I'll hand sew the bodice only and do the skirt by machine. I really like they ways the bodice went together and how the hand sewn eyelets looked but the skirt was loooooong and boring.

I really like the shape it gives me with just 6 bones! Eeep! And it's so comfy to wear! I plan on wearing it under my court dress instead of a corset when it's cold.

Hours to complete: I lost track somewhere around 30 so I'll say about 40

First worn: October '13 to the Ohio Renaissance Festival

Total cost: $30

The Challenge: Outer Wear

Fabric: cotton voile and faux fur

Pattern: self-drafted

Year: 1570s

Notions: none

How historically accurate is it? I did find some evidence of fur lined parlets in portraits so it's good in theory. Real fur and wool would have been much more accurate but I wanted to do a quick, stash busting project. It does keep me quite warm so I'll call it a success.

Hours to complete: 2

First worn: September '13

Total cost: all stash so free :)

Fur! Woot woot!

I'm a bad blogger who didn't do a dress diary but here's some in progress shots of the kirtle.


  1. Oooh! That fur-lined partlet looks so cozy! :-) And I am super impressed by your hand-sewn skirt seams. I usually cheat when it comes to those looong seams. ;-)

    1. I got a bit over excited and decided to hand sew the entire thing. I'm definitely cheating on those loooong seams next go around! Funny, they don't seem nearly as daunting before you start sewing them.....

  2. The fact that this is primarily hand stitched is especially impressive. Really great work - you look terrific!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oooh...lovely! That partlet looks divine! Well done.