Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dressed to Impress

Sometimes you just need to dress to impress. When I need to be extra impressive, it's great to have a rocking vintage suit to pull out.

This velvet 50s vintage suit is one of my favorite vintage finds!

It's fabulous and fits me like a dream! I'm always shocked to find pencil skirts that fit me.

The lobby of my building was a convenient set for this shoot!

This is the modern half of the lobby that's been redone. The other half still has the original flooring.

I had a quite splendid hair day. I felt like Marilyn the whole day.

Do you have an outfit that always makes you feel impressive?


  1. I'm swooning over that layered peplum.

  2. I love the richness of the color. And it's always nice to feel like Marilyn.

  3. This outfit is definitely impressive! I love your suit, and never get tired of seeing it in posts.

  4. yay to good hair days and impressive outfits! you look stunning x x

  5. What an amazing suit!!! Velvet is one of my favorite fabric....
    I have a few outfits that makes me feel really proud: mainly large hats and full skirts dress with many fabric!

  6. This is marvelous! I adore the neckline, a kind-of-sort-of collar.


  7. Your hair really was rocking it something fierce here! Love this elegant, beautiful suit, it looks like a million dollar on you (and makes me wish I had one just like it in my wardrobe, too).

    ♥ Jessica