Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Sewing Day Dreams

If you've noticed that there's not been much sewing on the blog, that's because there's not been much sewing going on. I'm in the midst of thesis writing insanity so I can graduate in December. But just because I can't actually be sewing right now, doesn't mean that I can think about it. So here are some projects I can't wait to dive into as soon as I finish my thesis.

I purchased this lovely blue wool to make my graduation dress. Hopefully I'll have time to make it before graduation!

I'm going to be making up this dress! At least I'll have something pretty to wear under my polyester graduation gown.

I have 3 yds of this lovely vintage fabric. Alas it's only 35" wide so it's been hard to find a pattern that will work with it.

 I've been considering this dress but I'm not sure that I'm in love with the neckline.

I also bought this lovely wool recently.

I purchased it with this pattern in mind but I'm not sure this fabric will work for a jacket. It's a bit thinner and more drape-y that I was expecting.

I think this might work instead. I'm not sure though.....

I also have 5/8 yd of cashmere that I have no idea what to do with but it's calling my name.


  1. You will definitely have the best graduation dress, I'm sure. I am a little envious of your 40s patterns, and so look forward to seeing them come together with your fabric choices.

  2. Oh my! All of these grand patterns! I don't know how you will choose. I'll be interested to know how different it is for you to sew with wool. One grand day in the next decade, I'd love to make a wool suit. First, I must conquer rayon and cotton. Cashmere would be so lovely next to your neckline so you can really feel the softness. How about some kind of scarf?

    1. Sewing with wool is not bad. It does depend a lot on the weave though. The blue is a twill and I can tell it will behave beautifully but the brown one is a looser weave and it looks pretty ravely.

  3. What timelessly beautiful patterns. I just love the sharp, chic, classic 40s silhouette and lines that they each include.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. First off, good luck with your thesis. Second, wonderful patterns, I hope you can get back to sewing soon!