Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Navy and Maroon

 There are many places to start when building an outfit. This outfit started with the hat. I really wanted to wear a hat so I picked the one I wanted to wear first and then started accessorizing my accessory.


This 50s hat is one of my favorites! I really need more navy blue in my wardrobe so I can wear it all the time!

I love using accessories as a pop of color so I added a blue cami and gloves to a rather maroon outfit.

For jewelry I went with classic pearls and a cute pin with pearls and blue stones.

I had a really hard time picking out a purse since I don't have a navy blue one and I didn't want to use black either. But then I remembered this cute purse with maroon flowers.

I've also been pondering getting Bettie Bangs again (if you didn't guess this from Monday's post). So I opted to try a rolled bang instead.

Alas, I remembered why I don't like rolled bangs on me! They are super tiny and sit way up by the hairline, accentuating my long forehead. Oh, well. Guess I'll just have to keep pondering about getting bangs.


  1. I thought you looked great with Bettie bangs.

  2. Love the rolled bang look nestled under that timelessly pretty hat. Great colour palette and styling all around, dear gal. I adore blue and burgundy/maroon together as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. It's difficult to make changes:) I do love your hat and hope you find which way you like your hair best. I'd love a nice big thick head of hair to have nice bangs. Oh and look at Carole Lombard, I figure if she can highlight her head with style so there is hope for me:)

  4. I love this post! Great look and I adore your bag! I totally understand about your hair! I started growing out my Bettie bangs in August (had them for 6-7 years). They are slow-growing but I am starting to be able to do better-looking reverse rolls. I figure if I ever want my bangs again, I can get clip-on bangs and take them to my stylist to get cut into that U shape or I can do a faux rolled (or "bumper") bang.

  5. I love seeing your outfits. You are so classy and just sooo pretty.

  6. lovely outfit. the hat is absolute cute.