Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Youtube: Victory Rolls for Short Hair

Victory rolls are an iconic 40s hairstyle but they can be quite difficult to wrangle. Add in short hair and they can be downright frustrating. Here's my technique for quick victory rolls on short hair. The secret's in the setting pattern!


  1. I love your tutorials!!! All my followers are asking some from me but I will not be at ease... I don't like to see me on TV....
    Well done!

    1. Aww, thanks! You do have such great hair so I can see why they'd ask. Maybe you could do a tutorial using pictures instead of a video.

  2. great tutorial! good call with the dry shampoo, my hair is woefully thin and my pin curl can look a little sad but will try this x x x

  3. Wonderful tutorial!!! I swear, I keep looking (like, really, really looking!) for a good vintage appropriate short hair wig that's similar to your current cut (ideally with curls in place already), but am coming up empty handed. I'm going to keep looking though, especially because it would be great to have shorter (faux) locks when summer rolls around again.

    ♥ Jessica