Saturday, August 23, 2014

A look back

Sometimes an event occurs and photos are taken, but for whatever reason, they don't make it up on the blog! I've got quite a backlog from several modeling events I did this summer. These photographs were taken at a historic home right near my old college!

I brought my vow renewal dress for wedding shots! Will and I did a 5 year vow renewal on the beach near were we will be moving to back in May. I made this great late 40s dress to wear there.

But as with most wedding dresses, there aren't a lot of opportunities to wear it! So I pulled it out for this shoot to wear again.

I also brought some more casual outfits to wear around the grounds. It was very pretty there.

I think my favorite place to shoot was on the front porch with all of the gorgeous flowers!

Photography: Photography by Jenna


  1. You look beautiful!

  2. What enchantingly beautiful photographs! Happy congrats on your 5th year vow renewal!

    ♥ Jessica