Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Costuming Progress!

With just under a month until Renaissance Festival season starts, I've been trying to get things finished. I've had several grand ideas for projects but now I'm getting down to the wire and prioritizing.

Italian Striped Gown

I'm working on my first non-English gown inspired mainly by the stripey dresses in this two portraits.

Antoni Faslol: Paola Gualdo and Daughters (1560s) and Sofanisba Anguissola: Three Siblings with Dog (1590)

So far, I've completed the bodice and attached the skirt.

I decided on side back lacing so there were gobs of eyelets!

I used quite a fun fabric to line the bodice. I'm not sure on trim or sleeve style yet but I'm working on it.

Elizabethan Court Gown

After the big makeover in January, this dress stilled needed to be trimmed!

I've trimmed the neckline with green cotton velvet and a gold lace trim.

The same trim goes down the center front opening of the skirt and around the bottom of the skirt.

I'm not sure how I'm going to trim the sleeves. I still have to remove the old trim but I'm not quite sure what to do.

Fitted English Gown

I've finished up my fitted English gown! Woot! It's made of blue wool and trimmed in velvet.

The bodice is lined in silk/cotton blend and the skirt in black and orange linen.

It has these great pocket slits!

And to go with a pocket slit, a pocket! Pockets like this were quite popular in the 18th century but there is evidence of them in 16th century Italy. And I think they are rather practical.

And I also got a pair of American Duchess Stratfords! *Swoon*

I can't wait to wear them!!


  1. Oooh!! That looks exciting! I've got a 1940-50s sewing addiction right now, but I'll be getting back into historical sewing soon. It's so fun! :-)

  2. Your costuming skills blow me away! Wow! All three gowns are incredible!! Why don't you trim your Elizabethan court gown sleeves with deep gold lace? That would compliment the new lace/velvet trim, yes?

  3. So fun! There are just so many things to comment about...!! I love the decoration on the pocket slits, I'm so jealous of the Stratfords, love that lining fabric, and can't wait to see all the finished results! :-)

    Happy sewing!

  4. I love the lining fabric! Lining in fun fabrics just adds that little bit of extra, secret joy to things, I think. :-)

  5. Those AD shoes are sublime! I love that they could so easily work not just for a multitude of decades, but for different centuries, too, as you've beautifully illustrated here.

    ♥ Jessica