Monday, August 11, 2014

The Ring Toss Dress

The 1930s fever has officially set in! I don't actually have a lot of 30s style pieces in my wardrobe so I quickly whipped up this dress to wear this weekend.

The pattern is Past Pattern 9122 c. 1934-1935 which I've actually had in my stash for a while. Originally, I purchased it to refashion a 70s does 30s dress into a bit more 30s but the refashioned dress didn't wow me. I'm pretty sure it never even made it onto the blog.

I also had this great ring print rayon in my stash. I had bought it to make a blouse but decided it was too sheer to wear unlined so it never got made into anything. I'm not sure how 30s rings are (but they loved polka dots) but I did like the idea of a printed top with solid skirt so I picked up some blue cotton broadcloth for the skirt.

I almost didn't finish this dress a couple of times. It really needs a fabric with more drape for the skirt. I had planned on buying linen for the skirt but all they had was navy and I felt it was too dark. I should have listened to the fabric!

Also, I cut the skirt out with way too much ease in the hips and it made me look very wide. I removed 2" of ease from the hips and down which gave a much better (and more flattering) shape. The 30s skirts skimmed over the hips and that's a bit difficult look to get when you are very curvy!

But I did finish it and I'm quite happy with how the dress turned out!

To finish off the outfit, I added crochet gloves, a parasol and some finger waves!


  1. I love these little rings such a fun print. I like your 30s phase:) The blue broadcloth is a great color for your print top. Cute!

  2. That IS a great pattern! I love the extra high waist and little point detail on it. So cute!
    I'm mentally in a 30s phase, but it has yet to work out into my wardrobe. I have one 30s dress which also happens to be bright pink and floor length, so.... It's really not an everyday look. I want to incorporate more pieces like yours!

  3. I see what you mean about the skirt fabric. But it looks lovely and comfy! Also, your fingerwaves are gorgeous!

    If you need some more 30s love, I have to recommend watching or rewatching The Sting. Mostly well-fitting menswear, but Billie and the girls wear some cute flowy dresses and she also wears a smart-looking business suit.

    Also, I think it was Chronically Vintage that recently posted about a Canadian tv series set in the 30s called Inherit the Wind. So, perhaps it's also worth looking into?

  4. Amei o vestido, ficou muito lindo. Os acessórios também são perfeitos

  5. Nice dress!
    And I completely understand your point about the way the skirt should fit... I am about to try my first real 1930's pattern myself. I've drafted 30's inspired stuff before but I don't think I ever made the silhouette quite right. In the fashion drawings, mid-1930's dresses are always shown as effortlessly skimming the figure but I have noticed in pattern pieces that many have little in the way of waist-to-hip shaping. Which is a bit of a challenge if you're a pear or an hourglass.

  6. This dress looks fantastic on you!!! I love the blend of two different fabrics and the curve hugging silhouette. Awesome work!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Gosh that turned out great. It looks stunning on you and I love the colors! I am returning to sewing and I can tell you will encourage me to select fun textiles. You will be able to find my adventures here,

  8. Very cute! That is a pattern you could make so many different times without anyone realizing it's the same pattern! It would look so different with one fabric instead of two. I like this a lot.

  9. I am in love with the 30's too! But the dress still turned out fabulous, despite the fabric choice and I think the width in the skirt gives you a more defined waist. I have some 30's dress patterns waiting for me!! Better get to it, you have inspired me.

  10. I ADORE the lines of the skirt to bodice area! It's spectacular!