Friday, August 1, 2014

Making do and mending

I'm still going strong in my 40s kick. And with the new car and end of the semester craziness, I can't just go out and buy a bunch of fabric patterns and sew up a ton of new things. And it's really been pushing me to reevaluate the pieces already in my wardrobe and figure out how to change them up.

So I decided to give this tiki wrap dress another try on and see if I could save it from the sale pile.

After all, I am moving to Florida soon and every beach gal needs a wrap dress.

The bodice of this dress had some fit issues and I discovered that the back neckline was just too wide!

So in make do and mend fashion, I added an inverted box pleat in the back to get ride of some of the excess. (5 inches!!!)

I still need to move the snap at the neckline because it is a bit off center now but I didn't have time before running out the door! (Because I'm crazy like that and decide to refashion a dress 10 minutes before I need to leave.)

 So now I'm keeping the tiki dress!

My hubby is very happy because he says I'm getting rid of all of the dresses that he likes, including this one.

 And I'm so happy my hair is finally long enough for hair flowers again!


  1. this is gorgeous!!!! i never would have thought this was once on the outs!

  2. Beautiful! How fun to move to Florida! It's so nice to change pace and try new places to live. I am long overdue for a move but doubt it will be coming anytime soon:)

  3. I love taking something that has potential but isn't quite right, and making my own alterations to turn it in to my own personal fabulousness. I'm not a seamstress by any means but I have become rather good and alterations. You did a great job here and I'm glad this will fit in with your new Florida wardrobe.

    Knitting in Pearls