Monday, November 17, 2014

HSF #21: Re-do

This Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was the re-do challenge. You could re-do (or do for the first time) any of the challenges. I decided to pick an easy vintage project to whip up over my sewing weekend. I had this great plaid fabric in my stash and when the paisley and plaid challenge came up earlier this year, I was in Elizabethan mode so both paisley and plaid were out.

The Challenge: #21 Re-do (#14 Paisley and Plaid)
Fabric: mystery plaid suiting (a wool blend I think)
Pattern: Vintage pattern lending library #1047
Year: 1930s
Notions: zipper, thread and some seam binding
How historically accurate is it? A metal zipper would have been more accurate (or snaps) but other than that pretty good
Hours to complete: 4 and a lot of that was spent in the cutting process to get the plaid to match up
First worn: to church
Total cost: less than $10-I got almost 8 yds of the plaid fabric for $7 and the only thing I got full price was the zipper

I took a lot of time making sure the cutting would help me with the plaid matching. I'm pretty impressed if I do say so myself!

I still have quite a bit of this fabric left and I plan on making a matching top at some point in time but I have to find the right pattern first. So I decided to go with the sporty separates look instead.

This fabric is actually grey and black with grey and orange stripes but it always looks brown to me from far away. So I went with a classic white blouse and my blue sweater. It turned rather chilly this weekend so I also brought out my faux fur booties to keep my feet warm!

I also tried some finger waves. I've never been amazing at finger waves so I think I'll need some practice before they become predictable. Plus my hair is a weird length in the front for finger waves.

But I'm really excited about how flattering this skirt shape is on me! Bring on the 1930s!


  1. You are right to be proud of yourself for that plaid matching! Great job.

  2. Matching plaids is a lot of work but worth it. This skirt looks so warm!

  3. It IS flattering! This is a fabulous skirt!

  4. Esta linda como sempre, adorei tudo.

  5. I love the combination of your sweater with your new skirt! So stylish!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. That skirt is gorgeous! You should be very proud of yourself! And your hair is so pretty!

  7. I adore your outfit!! That skirt is beautiful!!!
    Great job!

  8. That skirt is very flattering and looks like such a great staple! :-) Also- I'm rather fond of your hair in these pics!

  9. ah, that outfit is the CUTEST! lovely job. :D

  10. That is exactly the skirt I've been looking for! Its lovely, you did a great job. Looks fabulous with the jumper. Looks too advanced for me as a beginner sewer though. Thanks.

    1. A lot of these early patterns don't come with much in the way of directions so that's the hard part. (Also matching the plaids) But if you could find a more modern pattern with similar design lines and do it in a solid, this would be a great beginner project.

  11. Hope my comment doesn't duplicate, internet woes....

    Super cute! :) I do love the 30s, but they 30s certainly doesn't love me back. However the decade is darling on you.

  12. You look so timelessly lovely! This whole outfit is me too a tee, too, and also strikes me as something that I could very easily picture a young Queen Elizabeth or Princess Margaret wearing in the 1940s.

    ♥ Jessica