Wednesday, November 26, 2014

When is too early for Christmas?

When is it time to start prepping for Christmas? This is a question that everyone has an opinion on. Some people wait with baited breath for Oct. 31st so they can start listening to Christmas music while others can't stand seeing red and green together until after Thanksgiving.

This year, I've been rather lacking in holiday cheer. Because we're moving right before Christmas, there will be no decorating or tree this year. That's has definitely put a damper on my festiveness.

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I've been trying to get myself in the mood for Christmas. (I dread Thanksgiving, but mostly because I hate turkey and a lot of other traditional turkey day foods.)

So when we had an unexpected break in the unusually frosty weather, I jumped at the opportunity to wear this oh, so festive dress to church. 

The skirt is a holiday quilting cotton in an awesome mid-century style print. I adore the inclusion of lime green and pink with the more traditional red and green. It makes me feel less like a walking Christmas card than some other dress I can only wear in December.

I love that I was able to make a matching belt from a vintage belt kit I found while thrifting. I used to have a source for modern covered buckle and belt kits but they no longer carry them. :(

It was breezy where we were trying to take photos so my hair looks crazy! Glad I decided to go with a simpler style since anything fancy would have been wrecked anyways.

One thing I love about this dress is that it doesn't look like a dress. Everyone always assumes that it's a blouse and a skirt which adds a fun casual vibe to the whole outfit. (Plus an entire dress out of this crazy Christmas fabric would be sooooo loud!)

My favorite detail, though, has to be the embroidered stitching around the collar and front opening of the dress. It's a simple running stitch that even the most beginner seamstress can do and it really adds a lot of visual interest to what could have been a very boring top half of the dress.

When do you start dressing Christmas-y?


  1. I swear, my first thought when I read your opening question was a cheerfully resounding "never!". :)

    Oh, how I adore this festively fabulous outfit!!! I sported (but didn't get a chance to photograph) my first Christmas inspired outfit this past weekend and it will pretty much be holiday attire until the new year for me now (yay! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This week is pretty much when I allow myself to start dressing Christmas-y. But I start decorating on Nov. 1st usually. I'm a little Christmas crazy. And I really love that dress!!

  3. I positively *love* your outfit! It is indeed perfectly Christmasy without being overly red and green. Love it!
    I don't have very much red and green clothing, but I slip it in whenever I can find it around now.

  4. Hullo. Oh my goodness, you look adorable. I love the edge stitch detailing on the bodice. You can still get self cover belt kits on Maxant online.

  5. I don't dress Christmas-y. Well, maybe on Christmas itself.
    Here in the Netherlands, the traditional gift-giving children's feast is St. Nicolaas (or Sinterklaas), on 5 December. Until that date has passed, Christmas stuff is, in my opinion, just too early. Some stores near me already have some Christmas decoration, but Christmas sweets won't appear until after Sinterklaas (which has it's own sweets: Chocolate letters, pepernoten and kruidnoten (both mini-cookies thrown to children at Sinterklaas parades and school visits) marzipan figurines and little animals made from sugar).

    That said, your outfit is pretty nice. The white background actually makes the print almost summer-y. And I love the belt

  6. Cute skirt!
    I'm not much of a holiday person lately due to income issues but I love my glowing white Christmas tree - it's beautiful.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. We're sticklers for waiting for Christmas clothes/music/decor/etc until the day after Thanksgiving. :-) Consequently, I'm planning on a very festive outfit for tomorrow- I can't wait!

    I LOVE this dress. I don't know whether I like the "blouse" part or the "skirt" part best! So I guess that means it's a perfect dress. ;-) That cardigan is just the perfect shade of red, too! Once again, I just LOVE this outfit!! :-D

  8. Your dress is just fantastic!!!
    And my family has always started decorating after Thanksgiving. I wish you luck with your upcoming move!!

  9. Beautiful and we start decorating right after Halloween. I love Christmas! Not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving either.

  10. This outfit is darling! I especially of the red stitch details!

    I used to be a stickler for the after Thanksgiving rule, but I love Christmas so much, and lack in Thanksgiving decorations, that I have a hard time waiting. Patrick also used to be an after Thanksgiving person, but has been warming up to decorating before giving thanks, and now our rule is as soon as the holidays "officially start" at the Disneyland Resort, then we get to decorate. That usually falls around November 14th or so.


  11. Wonderful ensemble! The skirt is particularly fabulous. We're delaying the decorations this year as are doing work to the house, so it's a bit of a mess! I will look forward to putting the tree up when it's all tidied up x