Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter and a Wedding

Well, winter has officially settled in early here in Ohio. I always have to wear loads of layers to stay warm so dressing for a winter wedding can be difficult. Inevitably, some shots are taken outside even on a cold day and venues tend to crank up the ac in an attempt to keep dancing guests from over heating.

So this weekend, I pulled out this great 1950s dress to wear to a wedding. Dressing to shoot a wedding means I need to cut down on the fluff so I can fit in small places to get the perfect shot.

Pockets are great so I don't have to carry around a purse. This dress has the most amazing built in pockets! (It was also very cold outside so pardon the goose bumps!)

I also love classy details for weddings. Pearls are my go to! They aren't fussy and there's no chance of outshining the bride (literally) like there might be with rhinestones.

 I usually wear a hat with this dress but that was not to be. I had an SCA event in the morning and then had to rush home and shower before heading out to the wedding.

I didn't even have time to curl the ends of my hair! So a simple retro inspired do was in order. This is actually my favorite style to do! It looks awesome with a pageboy, very curly hair or even a snood in the back.

My hair is getting long again so I can actually do this style now!

I rounded off the look with black accessories! Pink, purple or white would also look great but there is just something sharp about black accessories.

 What colors would you pair with this dress?


  1. Lovely! Your hair looks very cute in that style, even without it being curled.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I love that fabric, such a cute print for a dress. I must say, your hair is growing back fast. You look perfect.

  3. Very, very pretty. That is such an elegant, beautiful pattern. It reminds a bit of classic garden gables. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a pretty dress, i love the piping detail!

  5. Linda estampa, o vestido é perfeito.

  6. What a pretty dress. A lovely pattern and very appropriate for the occasion.