Wednesday, November 5, 2014

By the Shore

The big Florida move is coming! Ahh! This past weekend we flew down to Florida to check out our new place and get to know the area a bit.

And, of course, we ended up on the beach! The cold front that hit the rest of the country also hit Florida so it was chilly. Well, Florida chilly which meant 65 and windy.

So you'll have to pardon the crazy mess of my hair. It was extra windy by the shore. Even though it was chilly, I loved being by the beach. I am so going to get used to that! 

Oh but sand on my feet was yummy! (That's my sister-in-law who lives in the town we're moving too!)

 This dress is a new to me vintage dress from the 50s or 60s. It was a bit small when I got it but I was able to let it out enough to wear it.

It's got this amazing doodle print on it which I adore. It also still has the matching belt! You can't really see them well here because of the wind but there are little faux pocket flaps too!

To finish the outfit, I added a maroon cardigan, pearls and my newest pair of Sparkle Lux earrings in green! And cat eye sunglasses, of course!

We also got to see our new place! It's a bit outdated (but not outdated enough for me to like) but it is quite a bit bigger than where we currently live. So I'll get some dedicated sewing space plus there are palm trees in the yard! And the hubby has decided to let me paint!

We just have a few weeks left in Ohio! Can't wait!


  1. Good luck! Remember to wave goodbye to snow!

  2. How lovely that you will be near a beach. I've lived my whole life inland, ocean beaches seem so beautiful and exotic. Hurray for having sewing space and to be able to paint. Moving can be so fun.

    She Knits in Pearls

  3. Beautiful photos!!! Once can sense the excitement swirling through your life right in the way you talk about the upcoming move and your new home. I'm elated for you guys and hope that the move goes as smooth as the sand on that gorgeous beach feels underfoot.

    Wishing you all the very best!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Your dress is darling!!! I love the print!

    I wish you all the best with the move!


  5. Lucky you, though I want to stay in the same state, I'd like to downsize from our four story, to a simple 1 - 1 1/2 story. :-/