Friday, February 6, 2015

40s Fashion Calendar: January

If you haven't noticed, the theme for this week is something along the lines of oh, wait, it's February already? Guess I should post the rest of my January things!! So here's my January 40s Fashion Calendar entry.

Last week, the hubby and I took an impromptu day trip to St. Augustine, FL. I had just finished my crafting adventures for the January project so I decided to wear them out.

The January project involved making two faux flower brooches-one for your winter coat and one for your purse. It was chilly but not cold enough for a winter jacket so I just wore my pin with my "suit".

We were also supposed to accessorize with a pair of gloves. While it would have been easy to go with a safe neutral or even a green pair, I decided to coordinate with the lavender flowers in my brooch and go with a light purple pair.

And I wore my green hat! I adore the fact that this outfit is basically red and green but does not read Christmas at all! I guess it's all of the pretty flowers.

I was a bit nervous about this brooch making. I'm not usually good with anything that is "crafty" in nature. Sewing yes, crafty no. But it turned out really great!

But it turned out really great! And this outfit turned out amazing! I seriously doubt I would have put it together on my own but it was so much fun.

Since I don't own an actual suit, I don't usually go for the suit look but this turned out great. The sweater and skirt don't quite match in color and that's something that normally drives me bonkers but once I actually put the outfit on, you really can't tell. And it didn't bother me at all the entire day.

I didn't have a cloth purse to pin the second brooch on but I just pinned it to the decorative tassel and called it a day.

I got tons of compliments on my outfit! And it made me remember how much I adore wearing gloves and a hat. Accessories are so important to an outfit.

All of the pieces I'm wearing are solid basics but the interest is in the accessories and combinations of colors. 

 Are you participating in the 40s Fashion Calendar? What's your favorite attention grabbing accessory?


  1. That's a very creative way for making a "suit"! And the brooches look lovely. How was St. Augustine? Did you go to the lighthouse? I always wanted to go since it is haunted.

    1. St. Augustine was great! We didn't make it to the light house this time but we have before. (blogged here:

  2. You look fab and the suit is perfect! ! We went on our honeymoon in St.A and it was amazing. We stayed at the Augustin Inn B&B all week and we did the lighthouse, fountain of youth, Castillo de san Marcos, etc. I'm dying to get back there some day!

  3. You look so picture perfect!! Gorgeous ensemble x

  4. Your outfit looks great! And about wearing gloves and a hat... Yours look great. I love wearing these things, but they also make me feel quite self-conscious and people do stare...

  5. Super pretty outfit! I know this isn't a suit, but goodness, it's making me want a red suit so badly!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. gorgeous outfit ... the green hat is my favourite peice from this look!

  7. I love the lavender blouse and gloves matching your corsage! I do think that it's such a nice accomplianent to the red. Which looks super by the way ~ it's a very cute 'suit'. : ) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. The look is really sweet! Love what you did with the colors.

  9. Classy lady! The outfit looks perfect on you. Beautiful!

  10. I love this outfit! Being new to the whole vintage thing I don't have a lot of vintagey accessories yet but I do have a lovely sweater clip that was my great grandmother's, I love wearing it because of the history.

  11. I wish I'd had a handbag which I could have pinned a second brooch to. I get a lot of compliments on my brooch (I think a lot of people enjoy seeing the bright colours during the winter) but the set of one for coat and one for handbag looks really chic.