Monday, February 16, 2015

Trying new things

You all know that I have been growing my pixie out for about 9 months or so. And this week, I was finally ready to go to the salon and have a professional do something to it. It was getting rather crazy with all of the unequally growing out bits so out came the scissors!

Snip! Snip! If you follow on Instagram, you've already seen this but I got a lot of length chopped off of the back.

I have always, always wanted a 1920s flapper bob and now I have one! I almost cut my hair into on the last time I grew out a pixie but I chickened out. I'm so glad I went for it this time because I love it.

 As for the outfit, I don't exactly have a lot of 20s appropriate pieces in my wardrobe so I just threw this together from what I had. The sweater is one from Ann Taylor that I hardly ever wear because white sweaters and crazy birds flying around tend not to end well. But it's long enough to look 20s when not tucked in. And the skirt is one I made from a 50s pattern but it's pretty basic. And for the extra pow factor- American Duchess 23 Skidoos.

I was actually quite happy with how this look turned out. I have avoided the 20s so far because it's ideal body shape is about as opposite from mine as you can get. And while I will say other decades are more flattering, I didn't feel fat in this outfit at all. I rather feel like a 20s lady golfer, actually! Just need some clubs.

I'm still getting used to the shorter length, but I love it! I had a bob all through out high school and I've always kind of wanted to go back to that. But that super critical *youmustbeaperfectvintagefashionblogger* voice would always whine "But then you can't do pin curls!" and so I resisted. 

But now I get to shut that voice up and say I can rock it! This do looks surprisingly good with modern clothes and I'm sure will be just darling with 40s and 50s styles too.

I don't have any current plans to actively add 20s pieces to my wardrobe but who knows. I'm trying not to be so plan oriented with fashion and just let it be fun for a while. And this is the second fun new look I've tried this year along with the 40s suit.

Right now, I'm having fun with the new do and enjoying the short hair lifestyle again! Plus I can't wait to play around with some 20s make up for day and evening.

 Have you ever tried a fun and crazy hair do before? Is there one you've been dying to try but haven't had the courage to?


  1. It looks gorgeous! I always wanted to try a pixie.

  2. You look lovely as always and the new cut frames your face beautifully!
    I love the golfing style of the 1920s and 30s and you capture it so well.

  3. Wonderfully lovely length - it has such a great sense of body and movement to it.

    Beautiful photos, too - it's so nice to see sunshine for a change.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It looks absolutely lovely, and so very 1920s- both the haircut and outfit! I've never had short hair, but I'm planning to chop about half of it off pretty soon which will be the most drastic haircut I've ever gotten. I'm pretty excited!

  5. It looks wonderful! Good for you for taking the risk. I have had a bob multiple times, but recently I wanted an authentic Louise Brooks style, with the bangs. Well, I decided not to go that short, but try the bangs... I ended up hating them by the end of the week. I can't stand something on my forehead like that, which is why I have my hair away from my face most of the time. I've had a pin-curl clip holding my bangs back for some time now!


  6. You look fantastic! What's so funny to me is that I'm doing pretty much the exact same thing right now - I've been growing out my pixie for a while, and I just got my hair trimmed to pretty much the same length. I've had a bit less success putting together a 20s-ish outfit, but this is great inspiration for me to try. I know I must have some longer tops in my dresser somewhere...
    The shoes are the perfect touch with this, and I love the sportiness of the whole look. Very fetching. I can't wait to see anything else you do with this style.

  7. You look great! Your growth is coming along quite well too. I been letting my own hair grow and I'm still trying to get use to it.

  8. Omg you look so adorable!!! Gahhh its so wild seeing Fl as your background now heheh xox

  9. That bob is so gorgeous! Maybe pincurls are tough but you've nailed the vintage bob nevertheless.

  10. Your new haircut looks gorgeous on you! And what a fun outfit combination! I love your sweater.

    the Middle Sister and Singer