Saturday, February 14, 2015

Classic Red and Blue

One of the great things about suits is that they are so versatile! So, here's my 40s "suit" another way.

I actually made this skirt to wear with my Wearing History Ruthie blouse. I have a lot of navy blue neutrals in the bottoms half of my wardrobe. So I needed something to wear with a blue top!

And I guess blue could go with anything, but it looks awesome with red.

I'm finding that layers in Florida are key. Cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Cold in the shadows but warm in the sun. Warm outside but frigidly air conditioned inside.

I've actually been wearing my Ruthie blouse a lot since I got it. It is so comfortable! Lauren really hit it out of the park with the fabric choice here. So soft!

It's blousey yet still fitted enough to show off a waist. Plus I can move in the sleeves!

It's a blouse you can live in. There are some things in my closet that I'll wear for photos or a specific outing but then want to take of and put on comfy clothes when I get home. Not with this blouse.

On the other had, it looks so classic! Pair it with pearls and a cute shoe and I can wear it to work. It's just an amazing basic for my wardrobe.

I hope there are other colors of this blouse available in the future because I would totally by another (or three!).

 Do you have a favorite basic piece in your wardrobe?


  1. Your outfit is absolutely lovely!! You look so good in those colors, and the blouse fits so perfectly!!
    I am jealous of all that green foliage!! It is 19 degrees and dropping fast here, with whiteout conditions. Enjoy the warmth for me!! ;)

  2. You look so lovely in that outfit! It's good to know the blouse is super versatile, I would absolutely love one in red if she eventually makes one.
    And the weather here in SD is the same. Though, it was in the low 80's today. I fear for what summertime brings. Time to make warm weather clothing!

    Tiny Angry Crafts

  3. Such great colours together! Classic for a reason x

  4. Such a cute outfit! Everything is paired so well together.

  5. So pretty! I reach for the classic pairing or red and blue often myself, especially during the spring and summer. With two large lakes sandwiching our town, anything with a nautical vibe seems to call to me even more and these two colours, especially together, can often fit that bill wonderfully (though of course, they don't always and are great in many other contexts, too).

    ♥ Jessica