Monday, February 2, 2015

My 40s Fashion Calendar

I am so excited about the 40s Fashion Calendar project hosted by Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage. It goes along so well with my "less is more" motto for 2015 plus goes so well with the make do and mend mentality of the war era 40s. If you haven't heard of the project, pop over to Brittany's blog and check it out. Then come back and I'll show you my wardrobe for the project.

1. Winter Coat

Ok, so I have winter coats but I don't really need them much in Florida so I'll just leave this one blank for now.

2. A Suit

I don't have a 1940s suit so I'm using this red sweater and skirt combo. Red is not a traditional neutral but it goes with loads of other colors and it's the closest thing I have to a suit.

The skirt I just made from Simplicity 1659. I have plans to make a matching suit jacket using Simplicity 4013. It's technically from 1939 but a resourceful lady would use this great suit pattern anyways.

3. A Small Brimmed Hat

 Hat! I just adore this green hat. It's one of the first vintage hats I ever bought and it doesn't get worn enough.

4. A Dark Bolero

I also adore this knitted bolero. Plus read and blue are the perfect combo.

5. Pillbox Hat

Brittany's promised to have a tutorial for this so I'm waiting on it.

6. A Basic Dress in a Solid

So I'm kind of cheating on this one. I have a great pink solid dress but I'm thinking one of the month's challenge is going to be wear the suit jacket with your dress and pink and red really don't work together unless it's Valentine's Day. Of course, red and green screams Christmas so...

7. One or Two Pair of Simple Shoes

Check! I have tons of simple shoes.

And here's a sneak peak at the January Challenge which will go up on the blog latter this week.


  1. What in interesting idea! Maybe I'll join in if I have the time. Taking photos in winter is a bit hard though.

  2. Red is a terrific neutral - it goes with everything! You'll look amazing in your red suit, I know!

    1. Forgot to add..

      Why don't you make your plain dress in a powder or pale blue? Debi (My Happy Sewing Place) posted about 40's colour combinations and the one that struck the most was red and powder blue. It looked so great together!

    2. I agree! I have a 40s suit pattern I want to make at some point and I plan to do it in powder blue.

  3. Looks great! I still need to finish the January DIY though...

  4. That is such a pretty, cheerful hat! It's vibrant green colour seems like it would go nicely with a lot of other colours (navy, grey, brown, red for the holidays), pink, mustard yellow, etc).

    ♥ Jessica