Friday, May 1, 2015

Sewing here and there

I've been doing some small sewing things lately. Nothing exciting enough for it's own post, but here they are.

 I made a garment bag. I have realized that I need to take better care of my costumes since I'm starting to have some really nice ones. So I had some muslin and cotton fabric and I whipped one up.

I also traced out a pattern for a new style of coif from the Tudor Tailor. I still need to make a muslin of it to make sure it fits and then I'll be ready for HSM May.

 I've also been tackling a few things from the mending pile. I've lost some weight since moving to Florida so a lot of the waist bands on my skirts need to be taken in. I hate wearing clothes that are too big!

And I've been thinking about summer sewing. I got these two lovely linen and cotton blend fabrics. The green is destined to be a pair of high waisted sorts and the black is for a blouse.


  1. Florida summers are so much easier to bear in cute clothes. I even braved a day at Disney (that wasn't Dapper Day) in a vintage halter dress I made, and while I was still miserably hot, I felt beautiful!

  2. Garment bags are awesome, especially when they're made from safe fabrics or other materials that don't stand to damage clothing the way that those from dry cleaners and the like sometimes can.

    Happy summer sewing!
    ♥ Jessica